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ArcGIS Data Store

ArcGIS Data Store

The ArcGIS Data Store component of ArcGIS Enterprise provides three types of out-of-the-box storage for your hosted web layers.

ArcGIS Data Store explained
Databases and geodatabases


Keep web layer data in your authoritative databases and enterprise geodatabases by registering them with your federated servers.

How to register databases
Folders and file shares

Folders and file shares

Use folders and file shares as input for analysis, as a source for file-based web layer data, or as map and image cache storage.

How to register file shares
Cloud stores

Cloud stores

Add the storage space you need for map and image caches, raster analysis data, or GeoAnalytics files without purchasing and maintaining hardware.

How to register cloud stores

Learn about registering user-managed data stores in the portal.

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