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Layer: 1990 Census Tracts (ID: 9)

Parent Layer: 1990 Census

Name: 1990 Census Tracts

Display Field: CT90

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon

Description: The CT00 layer contains polygons for census areas. The source for the information in this layer is the U.S. Bureau of the Census and appropriate county government agencies. This file is extracted from the Los Angeles County Registrar/Recorder's Precinct Information File, which is designed to match the Thomas Brothers TRNL (road network) layer. Where census boundaries are defined by streets, water, city boundaries, or other features, those arc segments are copied to the CT00 layer, so that census tracts and other layer features match perfectly.

Definition Expression: N/A

Copyright Text:

Default Visibility: false

MaxRecordCount: 1000

Supported Query Formats: JSON, AMF

Min Scale: 50000

Max Scale: 0

Supports Advanced Queries: true

Supports Statistics: true

Has Labels: true

Can Modify Layer: true

Can Scale Symbols: false

Use Standardized Queries: true

Drawing Info: Advanced Query Capabilities:
HasZ: false

HasM: false

Has Attachments: false

HTML Popup Type: esriServerHTMLPopupTypeAsHTMLText

Type ID Field: null

Supported Operations:   Query   Generate Renderer   Return Updates